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illuminati main 3 head's .

In the name of god who is very almighty powerful  the creater of whole universal  the great and  powerful lord .
by malclom ali j r offical blog 

introduction ,

what is illuminati nwo & there whole agendas do you really know about there motherfukin plans  if not so let's ev trip on truth point  its blog contain's 3 main gendas of illuminati freemasons muic industry secret socitey nwo etc .

1   nwo  

2  music industry 

3   obamma nwo 2012 

                                                                   N   W   O   

This title about nwo of freemasons  secret socitey nwo mean is war against islam muslim  people evem  all  its was create by there great leader's  its second mean is illuminati blood line every year or couple year decalear nwo mean war its freemasons big motherfukin plans catholic is also envoled in this area of illuminati because many roman made of illuminati this is why one eyed on there church and why 100 percent world hate him nwo also know is secret worship to there god which is illuminati one eyed pyramid   the anti christ who will appear in last days he is false massiah & false god who claim to be god he is by stan   freemasons called him god he is antichrist and in islam know as dajjal every god prophet warns his peole about antichrist illuminati  freemasons war will never stop until jesus & i m m d freemasons use one symbol everywhere the G you can see this symbol of freemason's ring  the g mean is god and there god is illuminati anti christ dajjal the one eyed next is freemasons hand shake it's use  for world freemasons leaders or goverment leaders or media or artist or hero etc it's an secret hand shake  by freemasons  there secret handshake's . 



                                                        MUSIC   INDUSTRY  

next about illuminati music industry  the main point in illuminati freemason's plans agendas nwo etc music industry is main part of illuminati as heart is main part of human body  music industry run by freemason's and illuminati as hiphop new school & couple classic school know as oldschool hiphop rap etc pop  rock muic and r&b etc but there re five diffrence  illuminati  vs anti illuminati artist as tupac  who has been killed by illuminati industry and goverment  and illuminati as jay z the persident of rockfeller and industry of master mason 32 degree rapper in industry  his main member's re nas mobb deep bad boy's recorders dr dre eminem 50 cent 3 6 mafia junior mafia after biggie small they all had beef with tupac and other's rappers like masta ace etc was pure anti illuminati rappers because alot oldschool was anti illuminati and most was illuminati  but right now new school is full of illuminati choice  pop like rihanna the top eastren star women as haillry clinton michel obamma byonece tina turner lady gaga   gaga is master of 32 degree in eastren star she also know as devil worship bahomet it's also contains on blood sacrifice which i will write soon  .


                                                            OBAMMA NWO  2012

next about persident obamma 2012 agenda's about nwo ww3 who is barak obamma some claim that he is muslim & some claim he  is christean  my dear brother's & sister he is nor muslim or christean he is 32 degree mason since 1970 when he got degree he is know as master of  royal princehall as washington was 33 degree mason's obamma also tribute his grand master g washington the motherfukin ass  obamma is main point who will start ww3 nwo but with great plan's he and his all freemason's brothers in whitehouse  next whtite house special made for freemasons by g washington only freemason's can became persident or u n leader if he will not he  will killed or arrest or blast  his wife is member of eastren start which use for freemasons women's  most famous like byonce lady gaa rihanna hailry clinton tina turner whiteny housten etc  obamma is also very far friend of bill clinton & g w bush they er also member of bohimain grove last friday when i ev search about obamma and mason's i ev found  he is also part of secret socitey he is compleat illuminati son and good worker in freemason's eyes freemason's leaders will never let him go may be he can win next election once agian last thing which i wanna mention that obamma is cousine of g w bush  madonna etc must see post down .




more post will arrived soon because we work as soilder's of god there plan's can't be sucees peace

pray for yourself may god save us all and help us all from these our it's our pray .

by malclom ali j r 

The arrival's series                                                                        

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